23 01 2013



This girl I know has this tendency to pick off all of her facial hair. Her daily routine is to draw on her eyebrows and line her eyes to distract everyone from noticing that she suffers from this habit. One day she built up enough courage, for which I applaud, to come to school without make up. She walked the halls with all eyes on her; I highly doubt it’s the attention she wanted. A few kids even decided to go out of their way to harass her for what she looks like without makeup. This is the exact reason why I frown upon makeup.

The idea of makeup is quite genius. It is used to brighten men and women’s faces for performances, plays, daily life, etc. I strongly dislike the fact that some men and women feel like they NEED makeup to be attractive; they NEED makeup to leave the house; they NEED makeup when they’re seeing their significant other. It disgusts me. Nowhere in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs resides “makeup”. Frankly, the more women and men wear makeup, the more used to it everyone around them gets. What a person looks like with makeup eventually becomes their norm. Nowadays, to see someone out of their “norm” is not normal. So for the sake of being normal, stay in your norm, and wear makeup. I, however, dare to be different. Always have. Especially as a teenage girl, in a high school setting, where everyone is searching for not only themselves but for someone else to make fun of, it is quite the dare. I rarely wear makeup. Usually only on performance days, holidays, or special occasions, I’ll go out of my way to cover up who I am with Mac and Maybelline.

The exterior never defines who we are. To some you’re beautiful, to others you’re ugly. But in fact, everyone is beautiful. Everyone has something to offer this beautiful world. I do, you do, and even the neighborhood hoe does. The girl I mentioned earlier posted a picture of herself without makeup on her Facebook and titled it, “The Real Me.” I of course, left her a comment, hopefully making her feel special and beautiful. The picture she posted wasn’t “The Real Her,” it was just her without makeup.

You can’t take a picture of who you are, because your beauty lies within. Be yourself no matter what anyone says. With or without makeup, you are indeed beautiful. When people ask me why I don’t wear makeup more often, I think to myself, “Why powder my face to hide my shine?”




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23 01 2013

lovely ! and so true.

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